Glued To The Screen Creative Web Application Development


twitter: @Glued2TheScreen

Wrote my first interactive program, in BASIC on an IBM 5100, in 1978.
(only punched cards before then; did enough of that; never again)
Initial relational database experiments, Rdb on VAX/VMS, in 1986.
"Heads down" years in mission-critical computer hardware/software sales, consulting, and training.

Hand-coded first commercial website in 1996.
Founded BOLDfx as a web development company in 1998.
After years of using the nickname online, registered domain in 1999.
Created "one page web app" (team task mgmt), javascript - perl - flat files, in 2001.
Built full business internet/intranet application in 2003.
Opened online store licensing my own software products, web PHP applications, in 2004.
Started selling Software-as-a-Service (legacy, yet still operating), in 2005.
Mind-numbing years of almost every type of web project you might imagine.

Began experimentation with synchronological timelines in 2013.
Started building web app in 2014.
Integrating web media components into VIZdex, an interactive Annotated TimeLine Presentation Platform in 2016.

It took too many years to hear AND follow "the call", but here I am now sounding like an insane old man:

I intend to CHANGE THE WORLD via web timeline tools... and also make a dollar along the way.

Will build out TimeLine Syndication Network,, in 2017. = MISSION